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Showcase your facility, provide tours and promote your products
and services to local business professionals!

Networking is one of the most personal ways of representing your brand! As a business leader, you and your staff have complete control over the way your business is represented! By hosting networking events your organization can:

  • Create New Relationships – When you and your staff host an event, you will meet 20-50 business leaders! This expands your business connections while building quality relationships. No cold calls! In fact, guests will undoubtedly approach you!


  • Increase Awareness of Your Business– Hosting allows your business to be showcased in person, the way you want it to be promoted. Inform your guests of ways you and your staff can help them!  By connecting with your guests, you’ll gain an understanding of who is in need of your services or products


  • Credibility – Your business will gain credibility and you will be on the radar of other members. Potential clients will always remember the event you hosted….make it relevant, fun and memorable.


  • Build a Network – Your business will receive a list of attendees. This can be beneficial to your organization by adding new connections to your database for use in marketing, maintaining relationships and most importantly, recruiting new customers!

    As a Mixer Host, You Provided:
  • Event facility


  • Select a date and time (Recommended: Morning Mingle 7:30-9:00am, Power Hour! 4:30-6:00pm)


  • Hors D’oeuvres and beverages (expect 25+ attendees)


  • We encourage you to be creative, offer tours and make your mixer a fun, social event.

    If you’re ready to begin taking advantage of the many hosting opportunities available, please contact Amy today 402-339-7737 or aroeder@cityofralston.com